Erin Wasson Tattoo: Tattoo Phobia today work all about Hollywood Star Erin Wasson Tattoo collection. Erin Wasson born 20th January 1982 at irving city in Texas United States of America. She is 1.78 m Tall and married with Barthelemy Tassy in year 2018. Full name Erin Elizabeth Wasson but known as professionally as Erin Wasson. As a profession she is Americian fashion model.

Erin Wasson Tattoo Collecton

Erin Wasson Tattoo

Before photo gallery of lovely fashion model we have list of tattoos that she have on her lovely body figure.

  • Erin Wasson Tattoo on her wrist.
  • Erin Wasson Tattoo on her forearm.
  • Writing on her forearm.
  • Erin WassonWriting on her bicep.
  • Writing on the side of her hand.
  • Native american design on her forearm.
  • Erin Wasson Triangle on her wrist.
  • Lightning bolt on her upper arm.
  • Erin Wasson Circle, dots inside her ear.
  • Cross, heart, noose on her elbow.
  • Erin Wasson Feather on her side.
  • Writing on her upper shoulder.
  • Erin Wasson Writing on her upper back.
  • Writing on her upper arm.
  • Native american design, triangle on her upper arm.
  • Number on her calf.

Tattoo Design Ideas Pics

This tattoo is on Erin Wasson’s correct wrist. Erin Wasson has this shaded blue blob shape tattooed on her correct lower arm, just beneath her wrist. This tattoo on Erin Wasson’s left arm, just underneath the elbow, says “Appropriate On/Ride On” with the letters framing a circle. The two expressions show up topsy turvy.

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words “Imi Loa” are tattooed within Erin Wasson’s correct upper arm. Imiloa is a Hawaiian word which signifies “investigating new learning.” Erin Wasson has a little tattoo on her left hand which says “LOVE + GUTS”. This tattoo on Erin Wasson’s correct lower arm hopes to be motivated by Native American workmanship.

Erin Wasson has this innate looking triangular plan tattooed in favor of her left wrist. Erin Wasson has a tattoo of Elvis’ “TCB” lighting jolt logo situated on the back of her left arm simply over the elbow. The letters TCB remain for “Doing what needs to be done.”

Erin Wasson’s left ear cartilage are three circles with the biggest at the base on the littlest to finish everything. Erin Wasson’s correct elbow is a modest swear on with a life formed noose simply above it. Erin Wasson has a dim plume tattoo on her correct side, just beneath her bosom.

Erin Wasson Tattoos Body Art

Erin Wasson has composing tattooed along the highest point of her left shoulder. Tattoo on Erin Wasson’s back says “Safe house” in a gothic text style.

Tattooed along the back of Erin Wasson’s upper right arm are the words “this heart will begin an uproar in me” which are verses to Paramore’s melody “That is What You Get.” Erin Wasson has a Native American plan tattooed on the back of her left upper arm. White ink is utilized along the edges to make the triangular shapes pop. Erin Wasson has a series of numbers tattooed on the front of her left leg.


Erin Wasson Measurements

Body Measurements‎: ‎32-24-34
Shoe Size‎: ‎9 (US)
Dress Size‎: ‎4 (US)

Erin Wasson Photos and Image Gallery

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Erin Wasson Tattoo Photo Gallery

Erin Wasson Tattoo
Erin Wasson Tattoo
Erin Wasson Tattoo