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Free Gisele Bundchen Tattoo Design Ideas

Tattoo Phobia collect tattoos of Hollywood Hottest female star Gisele Bundchen. We have complete photo gallery of Gisele Bundchen. But first we have the list of tattoos body art that Gisele Bundchen have on her wonderful hot and sexy body.

1: Gisele Bundchen Tattoos Shooting Star on her Left Wrist
2: Gisele Bundchen Tattoos Crescent Moon and Stars on her Right Ankle

Gisele Bundchen Tattoos Meanings

Finally Gisele Bundchen talked about her tattoos. All list of Gisele Bundchen Tattoos here and Their Meaning or name list and here the words that Gisele Bundchen used on different social media networks like Gisele Bundchen Facebook, Gisele Bundchen Twitter and Gisele Bundchen Instagram.

Gisele Bundchen has done a great deal as model; she practically without any assistance finished the “herion chic” time of ultra thin models, has made more than a large number of dollars, and is the most noticeable of all the Victoria’s Secret Angels. Nonetheless, she hasn’t proficient so much in the tattoo seat; she has a couple of tattoos, yet none of them are sufficiently enormous to try and qualify as “pieces” in our book.

Gisele Bundchen Tattoo Design


She has a little star within her wrist, a moon and stars on her lower leg, and an undetermined outline on her swimsuit line. We don’t see her accomplishing any more ink, as her displaying profession includes a great deal of her being in no garments, and more ink implies more make-up to cover it with, and progressively that just makes life harder. Gisele ‘s additionally a mother and a spouse now, two ways of life that don’t as a rule loan themselves to getting a ton of inkage.

Gisele Bundchen Wrist Tattoo

She has a little tattoo just underneath her swimsuit line, a star on the underside of her left wrist, a little sickle moon and stars within her right lower leg.

“It’s a shooting star, for my grandmother. She died when I was young. When I first moved to New York, there were no stars in the sky, so to remind me of her I drew one on my wrist and kept it there for a month, and then had someone draw it in, which is why it’s a little crooked. It’s held up pretty well for 10 years. It helps me to ­remember her.”

Gisele Bundchen Ankle Tattoo

She has inked her right ankle with crescent moon surrounded by three stars.

Gisele Bundchen Showed Off Her Secret Tattoos

Also female celebrity star talk on their tattoos on different TV channels about ther lovely and latest tattoo body art.

Gisele Bundchen Measurements

Body Measurements‎: ‎35-23-35
Shoe Size‎: ‎8.5 (US)
Dress Size‎: ‎4 (US)

Gisele Bundchen Bikini Pics Photos Image

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Gisele Bundchen Tattoo Design
Gisele Bundchen Tattoo Design
Gisele Bundchen Tattoo Design
Gisele Bundchen Tattoo Design
Gisele Bundchen Tattoo Design
Gisele Bundchen Tattoo Design
Gisele Bundchen Tattoo Design
Gisele Bundchen Tattoo Design
Gisele Bundchen Tattoo Design
Gisele Bundchen Tattoo Design
Gisele Bundchen Tattoo Design