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JoJo Levesque Tattoo Design

Free JoJo Levesque Tattoo Design Ideas

⚡ JoJo map on her wrist.
☕ JoJo triangle on her knuckle.
⚡ JoJo triangle on her knuckle.
☕ JoJo arrow on her wrist.
⚡ JoJo band, jewelry on her forearm.
☕ JoJo symbol on her ankle.
⚡ JoJo four-leaf clover on her knuckle.
☕ JoJo dinosaur on her forearm.
⚡ JoJo west african symbol on her ankle.
☕ JoJo state on her side.
⚡ JoJo music notes, star inside her ear.
☕ JoJo star on her foot.
⚡ JoJo treble clef on her knuckle.
☕JoJo writing on the side of her hand.
⚡ JoJo name, writing on her neck.
☕ JoJo writing on her side.
⚡ JoJo writing on her wrist.
☕ JoJo music notes, treble clef, writing on her stomach.
⚡ JoJo star on the back of her hand.

JoJo Levesque Ankles Tattoo

She has two coordinating tattoos on the rear of her lower legs.

JoJo Levesque Bangle Bracelet Tattoo

JoJo has a tattoo of a turquoise bangle wristband to her left side lower arm. Her composing tattoos on this wrist previously looked somewhat like adornments, however she made it a stride further and went strict for this wristband tattoo. She depicted the importance of this tattoo as Sagittarius. Sedona. Arm bands. Vibes. Turquoise is her preferred shading and it is likewise one of the five stones related with her zodiac sign Sagittarius.

JoJo Levesque Prayer Tattoo Ideas

JoJo included another tattoo her correct wrist just underneath her quietness supplication tattoo in August 2015. The new inking, done by craftsman Adam Daniel, is of twirling bolts going right around her wrist like a wristband. She advised her instagram supporters in case you’re in LA go see him. He has a brisk, light touch and accomplishes delightful unique work.

JoJo Levesque Triangular Symbol Tattoos

JoJo got two triangular images inked on her knuckles in July 2014. To her left side ring finger is a triangle with a little speck above it, however the dab and the tip of the triangle wore off very quickly. She wrote in an instagram remark the triangle w the circle signifies ‘learn’. This is definitely not a typical image, yet rather it originates from a lot of glyphs made by fashioner/artist pair Nathan Strandberd and Katie Kirk of the firm Eight Hour Day.

JoJo Levesque Finger Tattoo

This plan of a triangle with a line through it is most popular as the catalytic image for air, anyway JoJo’s finger tattoo appears to have an alternate individual significance. JoJo had this tattoo on her forefinger done in July 2014 simultaneously as another triangle on her contrary ring finger. The two images originate from a cloud a lot of glyphs made by planner/artist couple Nathan Strandberd and Katie Kirk, as indicated by which this triangle with a line signifies “rise above

JoJo Levesque World Map Tattoo

JoJo has a tattoo of a world guide within her left wrist. Every one of the landmasses (less Antarctica) is delineated in dark ink.

Serenity Ink Wrist Tattoo Ideas

JoJo has the Serenity Prayer folded over her wrist in dark and green ink. It peruses God, award me the quietness to acknowledge the things I can’t change, The fortitude to change the things I can, And insight to know the distinction.

Ever to Excel Side Tattoo Phobia

JoJo Levesque has a tattoo on her side that says ever to exceed expectations in red ink. This expression originates from the Ancient Greek epic sonnet Iliad by Homer.

Live Free Or Die Tattoo Ideas

On the rear of her neck, JoJo has her last name Levesque and Live Free Or Die. She got the name inked as a method of safeguarding it. “My dad is the main kid out of his kin, and I’m the lone offspring of his. So after him when I get hitched the Levesque name will be no longer in our family. So I needed to sort of deify it on myself, she told Homorazzi.

Star Tattoo on the Webbing

JoJo Levesque has a red star tattoo on the webbing between her ring finger and center finger on her correct hand.

Love & Music Tattoo Designs

On JoJo’s stomach is Love and Music encompassed by a whirl of sheet music notes.

Truth Hand Side Tattoo Phobia

JoJo says that she got truth. inked in favor of her hand since I’m a fact searcher. She tells I need to be encircled by truth. I need to speak to what is valid. From an otherworldly perspective, it discusses my confidence. It’s unclear however it’s intended to be an assortment of things.

Treble Clef Ring Finger Tatoo Ideas

JoJo’s absolute first tattoo was a treble clef on her ring finger to speak to her emblematic union with music. She disclosed to Hello Giggles You know, my first tattoo was a Treble Clef note on my marriage finger, representing that I am completely dedicated to music. There is nothing else on the planet that causes me to feel that way.

I’m a hitched lady. See this tattoo directly here it’s a treble clef I’m hitched to music, she reveals to Radio 92.3 NOW, clarifying that she’s required relationship to be postponed to concentrate on her profession. Until my future spouse puts a major sparkly stone over it, that is the place my dedication lies, she tells Her Campus. So it’s a steady update when I look down this is my need.

Seven Star Tattoos Right Foot Tattoo Designs

On JoJo’s correct foot is an assortment of seven star tattoos in different sizes three dark and four white.

Tiny Red Stars and Music Tatoo

Within JoJo’s correct ear are two music note and three little red stars. She tells WhenInManila, These are simply melodic notes. And afterward individuals feel that these are spots they’re definitely not. They’re only three red specks. Try not to ask me for what good reason they’re there, I simply believe they’re kinda cool looking.

Ribcage State of Massachusetts Tattoo Ideas

JoJo has a layout of the province of Massachusetts  where she grew up in red ink on the correct side of her ribcage.

Heart Shap Feet Tattoo Ideas

The heart molded structure to JoJo’s left side lower leg is a West African image Onyankopon Adom Nti Biribiara Beye Yie. It signifies By God’s effortlessness, all will be well.

Dinosaur Forearm Tattoo Phobia

To JoJo’s left side lower arm is a dinosaur skeleton. We don’t have the foggiest idea whether there is any more profound importance, however we do realize that JoJo adores dinosaurs!

Ring Finger Knuckle Tattoo Ideas

On JoJo’s correct ring finger knuckle is a shamrock which she says represent my underlying foundations in Massachusetts. Though she was conceived in Brattleboro, Vermont; she burned through the majority of her adolescence in Foxborough, Massachusetts alongside Keene, New Hampshire. JoJo has different tattoos speaking to the two states. Why a good luck charm? Massachusetts is an intensely Irish state, and JoJo is herself part Irish.

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JoJo Levesque Tattoo Design
JoJo Levesque Tattoo Design
JoJo Levesque Tattoo Design