Lehenga vs Ghagra | Difference between Lehenga Kurti vs Chaniya choli?

Lehenga vs Ghagra: Slim yet significant contrasts between the two lehenga vs ghagra. Lehenga acquires consideration since it fits at the midriff and gets a more full boundary towards the end. While a Ghaghra is a free skirt and the periphery scarcely has any distinction.

Difference Between Ghagra vs Lehenga

Lehenga vs Ghagra

There is no significant contrast among them, all are skirts. Anyway Lehenga is minimal not the same as Ghagra or Chaniya. Throughout the entire are skirts worn as a base segment with a choli (Blouse), then again, actually Lehenga is worn on celebrations and exceptional occasions while Ghagra or Chaniya is a conventional skirt worn on everyday premise by young ladies and ladies especially in the conditions of Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana and Rajasthan.

 Chaniya choli vs Lehenga Kurti

 Chaniya Choli or Ghagra Choli: Ghagra or Chaniya is a worn on day to day basis by girls and women.
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Lehenga Kurti: Lehenga Kurti worn on festivals and special events like Weddings and parties.

Difference Ghagra Choli vs Lehenga Kurti

Lehengas are additionally fitting worn at the midriff to improve the state of a lady. In short lehenga people only wear when they need to look special. But on other hand while Ghagras and Chaniyas women and girls where like casual dress and wear every day.

Lehenga Choli became most popular in mughal culture. And on other hand ghagra and chaniya more famous in current Indian culture. But Both are worn underneath the navel region leaving the back and waist exposed.

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Lehenga vs Ghagra
Lehenga vs Ghagra
Lehenga vs Ghagra
Lehenga vs Ghagra
Lehenga vs Ghagra
Lehenga vs Ghagra

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