Types of Mehendi Designs | Henna art Different Culture And Origin

Types of Mehendi Designs: Styler Hut collects new year Images collection for different types of mehendi designs. Mehendi used almost every marriage in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and also known in countries like Sri Lanka and nepal. Other than weddings girls like to make diferent types of mehendi designs on there hands, feets and also on different parts of body.

Types of Mehendi Designs

With Styler Hut team today we will discuss these types. Our mehendi  team collect lot of photos for young girls that help them to understand the types that mostly used in these areas.

Types of Mehendi Designs
Images for African Mehndi design. Photos for Indian Mehndi design. Pics for Pakistani Mehndi design. Wallpapers Arabic Mehndi design. Indo Arabic Mehndi design. Moroccan Mehndi design. Western Mehndi design.Indo Western Mehndi design.

Henna art Different Culture

Mehndi or Henna most papular in India and Pakistan. Henna used by the women of Middle East over more than thousand years. Some documentations prove that its more than five thousands years old in Middle Eastern countires. Mehndi have a naturel power of coll down the body in this way used in desert countries. They used henna like a paste on there hands and feet to coll down there body temprature.

In these days people of the western countries also used henna because henna is used to make different types of body art. In this way this types of art people in west also love that. The people of west called Hennna or Mehendi Temporary Body Art. That used to called also Henna tattoo designs.

Mehndi Different Origin

  • Egyptian mehndi designs.
  • Indian mehndi designs.
  • Arabic mehndi design.
  • pakistani mehndi design.
  • African henna history.
  • Ancient egyptian henna designs.
  • French Mehndi Designs.
  • English mehndi designs.
  • Italian Mehndi Designs.
  • Chinese Mehndi Designs.

Here we collect some other countires tags or keywords that used to search in google to find Mehndi or Henna by origin. We have lot of images bellow to guide people about Henna body art.

Mehendi or Henna Photo Gallery

Types of Mehendi Designs
Types of Mehendi Designs
Types of Mehendi Designs
Types of Mehendi Designs
Types of Mehendi Designs
Types of Mehendi Designs

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